Past Successes

Below are examples of past successes that clients have had with my support. These are just some of the scenarios I have supported clients through. If your challenges are not represented, please contact me to discuss your challenges.

Video Games vs School Work

I supported my client by working with them and their parents to develop agreements that allowed the student to continue to play video games and ensure that their school work was completed.

Coping with Anxiety

I supported my client by giving them coping strategies through mindfulness techniques that gave them the ability to identify when their anxiety and/or panic attacks where occurring and reduce their impacts.

Managing the Emotions of Leaving Home for College

I supported my client by working with them to identify the emotions at work and reframe them from a place of despair to an appreciation of where they came from. This allows new students to see that they do not suffer from a weakness but instead are experiencing a powerful change from a place of comfort.

Supporting Students through Stress

I supported my client by working with them to create schedules that allowed them to manage their time effectively. And supported them in finding techniques to manage their stress derived from dealing with roommates and other relationship challenges.

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